Monday, 19 October 2009

Kate Walsh and Ashley Greene's Spa Weekends

As the chilly months approach, stars seek comfort at cozy spas.

Lindsay Lohan missed an alcohol awareness meeting this week, a faux pas that almost landed her in jail. But she, like a few other stars, could not skip a trip to the spa. Check out our list of celebs who used the weekend to open up and say, Ahhhh.

Lindsay Lohan was caught on camera rushing out of the V Room Bar at the Voda Spa in West Hollywood, climbing into a friend's car with a messy bun high on her head. Were they facial-ing or partying; sipping cucumber water or cocktails? Paparazzi couldn't confirm...either way, we hope it helped Lindsay unwind after her terrible week.

Liv Tyler also visited a spa in West Hollywood on Friday. Judging by her hat and sunglasses, it was difficult to tell which treatment she'd received. Her hair was tucked into a low ponytail and despite paparazzis' snapping away, she appeared calm...or maybe that was thanks to the police escorting her back to her car.

Kate Walsh of Private Practice exited Melrose Place's Kate Somerville Spa on Friday. The spa is known for its skincare and nutrition center, which may be where Walsh popped in. In shorts and a tank, she appeared smiling before cameras looking refreshed and calm as she carried a bottle of sparkling water. Cheers! Way to start an October weekend.

Ashley Greene relaxed with a pedicure on Friday. In sweats and flip-flops, Greene and a friend giggled and smiled for cameras as they a Vancouver nail salon. It was visible that Greene didn't get her digits done as well, but her toes sparkled with a blood-red polish in true Twilight tradition.

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