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Twilight star Ashley Greene claims character Alice Cullen has 100 times better sex than she does

TWILIGHT beauty Ashley Greene is claiming that vampire sex is better than normal sex.

The star of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, who is rumoured to be dating Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, has said that she believes her character Alice Cullen would have a better sex life than she does.

"Take the best sex you've ever had in your life, multiply it by 100 and that's vampire sex," The 22-year-old told Maxim magazine.

The actress also admitted that she was desperate to star in the vampire franchise.

"Oh my God, I wanted this part so badly. So when they told me I got it, I tried to play it all cool, you know, for about a minute," she said.

"I love, absolutely love Alice, my character. She's sweet, sexy and a killer. I feel if I was in a real fight, I'd get my ass kicked."

As for starring in another popular film franchise, Greene added: "I want to hit up James Bond. That would be awesome."

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New Moon Gets Blind Sided, Recovers

It looks like New Moon has broken $200 million at the domestic box office. No thanks at all to Sandra Bullock.

Bullock's The Blind Side was the upset winner in the Thanksgiving Day standings, per estimates as reported by Box Office Mojo, edging New Moon with $9.5 million to the latter's $9.2 million.

On Black Friday, New Moon rose from the dead—well, second place—and reclaimed the top spot with a fat $17.9 million, enough to put the Twilight sequel over the $200 million mark and ahead of The Blind Side ($16.2 million).

For those keeping score at home, New Moon surpassed $200 million—and Twilight's entire domestic theatrical run—in only eight days.

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Wonderful 'New Moon' Fan Made Video

'New Moon' is completely destroying 'Twilight' box office record, will 'Eclipse' do the same?

With each new installment in 'The Twilight Saga', the momentum continually builds as evidenved by the latest film of the franchise, 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'. According to reports, the very successful and lucrative 'Twilight' film's box office record is being destroyed by 'New Moon.'

According to Hot Fix via TwilightSource, “After making another $14.3 million on Wednesday for a new U.S. total of $179 million, the question isn’t whether it will hit the $250 million mark it’s whether it can hit $300 million. Considering the first “Twilight” made only $192 million a year ago that would be a stunning achievement. The Chris Weitz blockbuster hardly skipped a beat leaving the frame’s three new wide releases far behind.”

Since New Moon is proving to be even more successful than the first film, wouldn't it make sense to believe that 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' will do just that - eclipse the New Moon film in earnings? The momentum, and the fans wanting to see what will happen next is setting up the third film to be perhaps even more successful of the three films.
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'New Moon' takes opening day record

Makes $72.7 million, beating 'Dark Knight'

Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” tore up the box office record for best opening day, grabbing the title away from Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight,” and earning a spectacular $72.7 million yesterday at 4,024 theaters.

An exceptional feat for a film playing outside the summer frame.

There were an array of estimates being reported on the internet about how high the first day of "New Moon" actually was. This morning's figure is Summit's official Friday estimate.

“Dark Knight” had minted $67.2 million from 4,366 runs on July 18, 2008 before making a three-day opening weekend of $158.4 million.

Fueling the Friday B.O. for “New Moon” were midnight shows in 3,514 venues which drew a record-breaking $26.3 million for the time slot.

The opening day for “New Moon” posted more than a 100% gain over the first Friday of “Twilight” which made $36 million a year ago and a three-day weekend of $69.6 million.

For a franchise that has clearly targeted females, "New Moon’s" first day is so exceptional that it’s probable that the film played beyond its core crowd to males. However, Summit plans to release the pic’s moviegoing demos, as well as international results, in its three-day estimate report tomorrow. Ever since the first installment finished its play in theaters, the production of "New Moon" has garnered non-stop headlines on glossy covers and fansites with the media savoring details on the film as well as its cast members Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Capitalizing on those older women who might have been shut out of "New Moon" as well as male football fans who might be sidestepping the vampire pic, Warner Bros. benefitted from its counterprogramming of Sandra Bullock drama "The Blind Side." With a moviegoer make-up of 59% female and 41% male, the football drama about rookie Baltimore Ravens player Michael Oher posted $10.9 million off 3,110 – the second best ever for a Bullock headliner following her record opening day of "The Proposal" this summer with $12.7 million.

Sony’s Roland Emmerich disaster pic "2012" fell 65% in its second Friday to third with $8.1 million off 3,408. Pic’s domestic cume stands at close to $90 million with a worldwide total north of $313 million. "2012" looks to zip past the $400 million global B.O. mark by tomorrow.

In its third Friday, Lionsgate’s "Precious: Based on the story ‘Push’ by Sapphire," at play in under 1,000 engagements, continued to draw heavy traffic. "Precious" took fourth with an estimated $3.5 million, repping an uptick of 85% thanks to its expansion from 174 to 629 sites. To date, the domestic B.O. for "Precious" stands at $13.9 million.

Catering to moppets on Thanksgiving break, Sony’s animated entry "Planet 51" landed in fifth with $3.2 million off 3,035. Featuring the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long and Gary Oldman, "Planet 51" touts a comical "E.T."-in-reverse story whereby a U.S. astronaut lands on an alien planet and urgently needs to get home. Pic is an acquisition from Spanish producers Ilion Animation.

"Disney’s A Christmas Carol" stayed afloat, declining 47% at the onset of its third sesh with $3 million off 3,578 and running B.O. of $70.6 million in sixth place.

Arthouse theater averages continued to be bountiful yesterday with Sony Pictures Classics’ Pedro Almodovar romance drama "Broken Embraces" starring Penelope Cruz earning $16,816 or $34,000 off two Gotham engagements.

Twentieth Century Fox's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" also minted a hearty per site of $13,103 in its second Friday for $52,000 off four Gotham and Los Angeles playdates. Through eight days, "Mr. Fox" counts a total domestic take of $410,536. The studio is scheduled to up the film’s theater count on Wednesday.

First Look’s "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" grossed $74,000 from 27 for a theater average of $2,740. The crime-drama, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes and directed by Werner Herzog, is a sequel to the Abel Ferrara graphic cult 1992 pic which made $2 million stateside.

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"The Lovely Bones" World Premiere


Ashley Greene Likes Fighting Boys, Not Girls

Ashley Greene would rather duke it out with a boy than a girl. The Twilight Saga: New Moon actress is a huge fan of martial arts and says it makes her feel tough and empowered when she fights with guys.

She said: “I think part of it is that it’s really empowering and part of it is because it’s fun. It’s incredible to see what your body can do and what you’re capable of and not needing a weapon to defend yourself is a really great thing.

It puts my dad at ease and gives him a little piece of mind. I started doing martial arts when I was really young and I ended up sparring with boys instead of girls because I was that into it and I didn’t want to beat up the girls. It’s a fun thing and I’ve always been really athletic.”

Ashley, 22, is planning on increasing her martial arts training after being put through her paces by the trainers on the third instalment of the vampire franchise The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
She told OK! magazine: “I’m definitely going to get more involved in it. When we were filming Eclipse we had fight training for about six weeks, so that kind of re-sparked that bug. I had a personal trainer on top of that and they had us do mixed martial arts fighting as well.”


Taylor Lautner Loves Lopez Tonight

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & New Moon On E! News

The New Moon Cast Talks About Eclipse

Rob's Interview with One Magazine

What is Edward mood to the beginning of New Moon?
In this sequel Edward and Bella have to face the bitter truth. They have to discover how strong their love really is. When Edward leaves Bella he thinks he saves her life, but he basically destroys her meaning of life. This movie is more tragic than the first one. Edward changes throughout the film – to the beginning he truly believes that the only way to save Bella’s life is to leave her. Only the incidents which exceed by far his imagination make him realize that it is a necessity for Bella and him to be together.

Before twilight you played mainly roles in small independent movies? Why?
After Harry Potter I could have played in many teen-movies, but I didn’t have any interest in that. I prefered serious projects, like Little Ashes; I play the painter Salvador Dali in this movie. I really love this movie, even though it was quite difficult. I had to shoot a love-scene with a guy, although I barely ever kissed a woman in front of the camera. (laughs)

How do you imagine your further career when you finish the twilight saga?
My aim is to play as many different parts as possible because I don’t want to end up with vampire roles only. To play comedies isn’t really in my nature, that would be a big challenge for me. That’s why I look for roles which enhance my personal development and help me to go further my own limits. Unfortunately, people rarely offer me interesting stuff. There aren’t really many good scripts… I don’t want to be an actor just for the sake of it, because I have never really enjoyed being in the spotlight.

Is it true, that you almost gave up acting because of music?
There have been times, when I worked for only 10 days a year and I played roles that didn’t really convinced me. And I have never really understood why exactely I got rejected for projects, while I seemed to fit into other roles.
Whereas music was something I could do by myself and it seemed more logical for me to go on with this way. But as a musican I would have died of starvation most likely. (laughs)

But there is only positiv response to your songs on the twilight soundtrack…
Thank you, but I think it was wrong that I agreed with being on the OST. I have the feeling, that I utilized the situation, I didn’t deserve it. I felt like a fool. But it was a good thing for some of my musician friends I grew up with and who wrote a song for the OST as well. Because of this, they are touring across the USA in sold out places. The success of the saga did change their life und that’s fantastic for them. Twilight-fans are really loyal, maybe even fanatical and they are interested in everything that is connected to the series.

How was it to be on set with Kristen once again?
The chemistry between us is just right and to shoot with her makes it really easy for me. I was a little nervous with the thought of replaying my character, but Kristen helped me with getting into role again.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – Christmas Celebration Together?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still the buzz king and queen of the internet. This is the latest feed: Robert Pattinson, and his co-star Kristen Stewart in the blockbuster flick ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ are now planning for a home celebration for Christmas? OK Magazine is reporting that the rumored dating couple want to celebrate Christmas in English countryside. The report said Robert Pattinson is the one who planned the ‘very exciting’ event. I’m not sure though if the plans include New Year’s eve.

A source of OK Magazine revealed: “He’s (Robert Pattinson) enlisted the help of his mom, Clare, to find a cottage where he and Kris (Kristen Stewart) can spend a few days together.” The source also added that Robert Pattinson’s family love to see Kristen Stewart celebrating the Santa Clause event with them. “They think she’s perfect for Rob and told her they’d like her to join them for Christmas dinner.” says the insider of the magazine.In related news, Robert Pattinson revealed that he thought his ‘Twilight’ character was “ridiculous” the first time he read the books. Robert Pattinson, the British actor who plays the role of Edward Cullen the blockbuster vampire series admitted that he found it hard to take his character ‘Edward Cullen’ seriously when he was researching the role. Robert Pattinson told Germany’s In Touch magazine: “I read the first book and found it quite good. But the description of my character is, from the first page on, completely ridiculous. It says, ‘He enters a room, and his beauty is almost painful.’”


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Remember Me - HD Trailer [ENG Subs]



More Pics With Ashley

Actress Ashley Greene attends THE CINEMA SOCIETY & D&G after party for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON screening at on November 19, 2009 in New York City.

Actress Ashley Greene attends 'The Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit: A Tribute To Tim Burton' at The Museum of Modern Art on November 17, 2009 in New York City.


"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" New York Screening


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Taylor Lautner: BLT Steak Boy


OK! ‘New Moon’ Magazine Special Issue

Twilight: In OK!’s official New Moon collector’s edition, check out the cast’s promotional trip through Europe. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart greet fans in the most romantic cities, celebrating their love publicly for the first time. Read on to get a timeline of their love story – including photos of the two meeting each other’s parents and holding hands in Paris – and take The Ultimate Twi-hard Quiz. Plus, OK! compiled a hirsute hall of fame – Taylor Lautner joins the ranks of the hottest cinematic werewolves, such as Michael J. Fox and Jack Nicholson.


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