Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Old Interview With Stewart - She's Team Edward

New Moon MySpace First Look!

Summit Entertainment has just sent us an EXCLUSIVE first look at the upcoming New Moon MySpace page! The page will feature the New Moon trailer as well as tabbed browsing so you can switch between the Twilight page and the New Moon page!

Rob Filming New Scenes With Emilie de Ravin


Twilight Star’s Guys Night Out

Taylor Lautner took a break from movie-making on Monday night to catch a Dodgers game in Los Angeles with some pals and even took time to meet and greet some lucky fans.

“He sat in the front row of the baseline box section with five other guys,” says one onlooker. “He seemed to be having a great time.”

Though there were other stars like Jimmy Kimmel and Zachary Levi cheering on the hometown team, the young actor got his fair share of attention.

“He was really nice when these young girls came over, signing autographs and posing for photos with them,” the onlooker. “He was totally nice.”

It seems like everyone was a winner that night! The Dodgers went on to beat the Colorado Rockies 4 to 2 in extra innings.


Robert Pattinson Films 'Remember Me' In Central Park

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Robert Pattinson - His Life Story

Another Day On Set With Rob

Zimbio & MRPattinson

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Kristen's Dress At The Movie Awards

The actress was red-hot at the MTV Movie Awards in a punky red-and-black Yigal Azrouƫl minidress and classic Converse Chuck Taylors.


Is Catherine Hardwicke Coming Back to Direct Breaking Dawn?

Did Joan Jett "Pick" Kristen Stewart to Play Her?

Do celebrities really get a say in who plays them in the biopic? Did Joan Jett really "pick" Kristin Stewart?
—AntidoteProject, via Twitter

Most of the time—assuming that the subjects are still alive—they get no binding say in who plays them. Then again, most producers aren't stupid, at least in this area. They'll often seek out a "blessing" from the subject, along with a bunch of meetings between the actor and the subject that can later be used for cutesy talking points.

Producers hate to give up creative control of a project, but they really, really don't want to piss off the subject of a biopic. Otherwise the icon might take to the Internets and crack off about how non-iconic that rotten young punk of an actor was.

Not that Joan Jett seems to have a problem with Kristen Stewart wearing her hair and leather in The Runaways. In fact...

...she seems somewhere between indifferent and pleased.

"While Joan is not involved with the casting decisions, she is eager to see Kristen's work and meet with her about the upcoming role," her official Web site said after the casting was announced. And that's how it usually works.

For Walk the Line, director James Mangold did run the idea of Joaquin Phoenix by Johnny Cash before officially casting him. June Carter Cash was said to have expressed her satisfaction in Mangold's decision to hire Reese Witherspoon. And of course Ray Charles wouldn't have had those meetings with Jamie Foxx if he didn't like the actor portraying him in Ray. But that's not necessarily the same as legally binding approval, which is extremely rare, I am told.

"Usually, biopics are movies produced about public figures, which means they can be portrayed anyway the filmmaker wishes to portray them," producer Jerry Tokofsky tells me. "Most biopics are made about people that are no longer living, but in the event that the film is about a living individual, normally the individual would not have final say or right of approval."

As for whether Bella Swan can effectively channel Joan Jett in the biopic, which is currently shooting, we'll soon see.


Thursday, 25 June 2009