Sunday, 5 June 2011

'Love, Wedding, Marriage' Movie Review

Technical: C

Acting: B

Story: D

Overall: D (for Dud)

Eva (Mandy Moore) and Charlie (Kellan Lutz) are two successful kids in their late twenties who have just tied the knot. Eva is marriage psychologist while Charlie runs a successful vineyard operation. It could possibly make you vomit just how fairytale their life seems to be.

Then there’s Eva’s parents (James Brolin & Jane Seymour). While preparing to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, the bottom falls out when Daddy comes clean about an affair that happened about 25 years ago. Instead of exploring the new world of marriage with her hubby, Eva is stressed out about her parents impending divorce and tries to use her knowledge as a therapist – along with her frustrated husband and wise-ass younger sister Shelby (Jessica Szohr) – to pull them back together before their surprise party. But of course, Eva learns a secret about Charlie’s past, and that has her all flustered about what it means to be married.

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