Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jackson Rathbone Accidentally Leaks 'Eclipse' Script

An early draft of the Eclipse script originally belonging to Twilight star, Jackson Rathbone, is now making its rounds on the Internet as a downloadable .pdf file. It's not clear what consequences Jackson will have to pay as a result of this gaffe, or how exactly it leaked, but Twifans are probably going bonkers.

As for whether or not Jackson is getting a spanking from Twilight's production company, Summit Entertainment, for his goof-up, my guess is that he's getting a freebie on this one. It's not like there's a film with some big spoiler anyone's trying to conceal, unless producers suddenly decide to veer drastically from the tried-and-true storyline in the original best-selling book of the same name. They'll still make boatloads of cash on the film.


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