Tuesday, 26 October 2010

“I feel like I’ve gotten better with every movie.”

With her new movie Welcome to the Rileys hitting theaters on November 10th, actress Kristen Stewart has been chatting about her acting career, and how she thinks she has improved over time. Kristen, best known for her role as Bella in the popular movie saga Twilight feels like she has grown with each movie she’s done.

When thinking about her past performances Kristen revealed, “I could sit here and bring up little things that I wish I didn’t [do], little things that kill me, stuff that maybe other people don’t see but stuff that is very apparent to me.”

“It was so everything that it should be,” Kristen said of Welcome to the Rileys, her latest project. “If I did bring my little things to it, we did share a few personality aspects. I think that’s maybe why I was hired. It was a stretch, because obviously I live nothing like she lives, but it’s always really hard to say why you’ve progressed as an actor. I feel like I’ve gotten better with every movie.”


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