Sunday, 31 October 2010

Robert Pattinson:"I like second hand''

There's just something about the 24-year-old Twilight actor Robert Pattinson that's quite alluring. It could be to do with his dreamy eyes, rippling physic or moody hair. That's right. Moody hair.

But, we were slightly put off when we found out Robert, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, never changes what he wears - or washes. Grim.

Robert says he loves shopping in charity shops, but says being followed everywhere by drooling girls makes it difficult to expand his wardrobe.

He says: "I like second hand. But I can't really go into second hand stores to get new clothes any more so I end up wearing the same thing every day.
"I wish I could shop in vintage stores the whole time. But because a lot of paparazzi follow me around, it can be difficult."

So Robert - who is dating his 'Twilight Saga' co-star Kristen Stewart - turns to designer Marc Jacobs.

He added: "At almost every single premiere I wear Marc Jacobs. It seems to be the only stuff that fits me."

It has previously been claimed that the British star rarely showers.

A source close to the star - who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the film franchise - previously said: "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy. He completely reeks."
To paraphrase EastEnders, sort it aaaaaaaht Kristen! (source)

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