Thursday, 30 September 2010

Is Rob Pattinson's Beard Hot?

Jake Gyllenhaal debuted a new beard over the weekend, and while Robert Pattinson's facial friends have been a long time comin' (or rather growin') we're still not sure if we find the reluctant heartthrob's look sexy.

To scruff or shave?

We will admit, we'd so do Rob with fur over Jake, Brad Pitt, or Zac Efron, but less is more in the chin pubes arena.

R.P. is probably just trying to get his angst out before he gets back into Edward shape for many many months (being perfectly coiffed and clean-shaven gets old fast). And this time, R.Pattz has to do it back-to-back for both Breaking Dawn flicks.

Since he and Kristen are more than chill to do whatever they please with their more-than-costar relationship, how else is Pattinson supposed to rebel?

Rob, you know we always heart ya, but maybe trim that stuff just a smidge, unless of course Kristen protests otherwise.


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