Thursday, 17 September 2009

Get Bella’s Twilight Prom Dress From The Store She Bought It From!

Most proms will not involve slow dancing with the world's hunkiest vampire, but you can now go to prom in Bella Swan's dress by buying it from the very town Bella bought hers. Belva Bodey, owner of Black Diamond Bridal in Port Angeles, Washington, has done her bit to create what she calls an exact replica of the dress Bella wore to the nearby Forks, Washington, prom in Twilight. She gives the full exclusive scoop.

"We wanted to give people the opportunity to dress in something festive which Bella wore," Bodey says. She and her store workers decided they would find a way to celebrate the prom dress, especially considering Bella shopped in Port Angeles to make the purchase in the book.

"If she had shopped in Port Angeles she would have brought her dress here," says Bodey. The group found a Chinese company on Ebay which specializes in knock-off dresses and sent whatever pictures they had of the layered blue halter dress. Three weeks later, the knock-off dresses arrived. "We were blown away. They look exactly like they do in the movie," says Bodey. She auctioned one off for charity and three others are on sale at her store for $139.

The dresses even come with an undead promise. "We absolutely guarantee the best prom with a vampire," says Bodey. "No doubt."

Another Black Diamond creation: the green party dress Bella wears at her birthday party in the still unreleased New Moon. Still pictures show her in a velvet-flocked green taffeta dress with a black velvet jacket. The lookalike, perfect for "New Moon" opening night, is on sale for $239. "It's quite fancy,"
she assures. "Beautiful."


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