Thursday, 10 September 2009

Official Stephenie Meyer Update!

An update on Stephenie Meyer's website should serve as a gentle warning about lingering false promises regarding Midnight Sun, the as-yet unfinished and indefinitely suspended fifth novel in the Twilight series books.

Since its suspension last year, many websites have, apparently, been offering promises (via advertisement of course) for a chance to win a copy of Midnight Sun.

Meyer's website, however, asserts that such ads are completely false and misleading.

According to the newest post, "It has come to my attention through several concerned emails that many popular websites like MySpace and Facebook are displaying ads offering a chance to win Midnight Sun. This is a hoax. I would advise against giving out any personal information or even clicking on the links."

While many fans have indicated their hopes that Meyer will finish the book, until official notice of said event is given, wise fans would steer clear of these advertisements as they have now been confirmed to be a falsity.


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