Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower Had 'Fun' Tearing People Apart

With only two more months left before "New Moon" finally hits theaters, many fans have begun looking past the series' stars (RPattz, KStew, Taycob) and wondering who the next big breakout will be. And while it might be smart to place your money on such newcomers as Kiowa Gordon, Dakota Fanning or Cameron Bright, we feel like the man to beat might just be Jamie Campbell Bower.

Handsome, witty and starring in the high-profile role of Volturi vampire Caius, Bower has one secret weapon at his disposal that his co-stars don't: two other high-profile projects (the next "Harry Potter" movie, TV's "The Prisoner") scheduled to wage war on our pop-culture awareness soon.

When we caught up with Bower, the up-and-coming Brit was eager to deliver some surprising news about his accent, walking in the "Potter"/"Twilight" footsteps of Robert Pattinson, and why he enjoys tearing people apart.

(And don't miss the exclusive "New Moon" trailer premiering at the 2009 Video Music Awards on Sunday, presented by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.)

MTV: So, Jamie, you told us that you experimented with different accents while working on "New Moon." Is it safe to say that Caius and the other Volturi will have Italian accents, since they live in Volterra?

Jamie Campbell Bower: Actually, I have an English accent. Because they're so old — they're 2,000 years old, these guys — they would've tried [everything]. They're speaking English now, but they wouldn't have spoken English throughout all of their life. And so there's sort of a round vowel sound. The R's are very pronounced. It's kind of strange. It's almost medieval, the way we speak.

MTV: We're going to see you in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" as Gellert Grindlewald, joining Rob as the only actor to have a foot in both of these phenomenally huge franchises. Have you guys bonded over this?

Campbell Bower: Well, Rob is quite a significant character in the "Potter" movies, I believe, from what I can remember. My character is a bit smaller.

MTV: Have you and Rob discussed things he learned as he tried to go from one franchise to the other? Did he have pointers for you?

Campbell Bower: No. There isn't much difference between them, apart from the story. They're both massive franchises, and they both work like a machine, you know? Everyone's on time, and everyone's doing the best job that they can.

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